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In today’s modernized marketing world, every corporate organization is in huge confusion while opting for the platform for the development of their professional website. Furthermore most of the platforms provide specific benefits that would help you grow online. However, there are certain benefits offered by each of these building platforms. Here are some of the benefits of choosing shopify vs magento.

Both of the platforms shopify and magento are likewis... Read More


In today’s advertising market “accordion” is one of the great ways to display the FAQ to your ecommerce store, as it simply permits the potential user to quickly and easily browse to your FAQ without much scrolling. Most of the featured characteristics depend upon the different type of plan selected and the rates of shopify vary accordingly. Moreover, the trial offer is offered by the company. Applications offered by the shopify app store to the users are either... Read More


My Name is Sugan Bagri. I run a small website and mobile company here it Jaipur, India. In these days, I am getting number of leads from local market who looking for ecommerce website to sell their products. I feel that most of people are non technical, they are not aware about the technology and other element which require to build a comp... Read More