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Tips for starting an e-commerce business

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Mon, 2014-10-06 15:44 -- bagrisugan

My Name is Sugan Bagri. I run a small website and mobile company here it Jaipur, India. In these days, I am getting number of leads from local market who looking for ecommerce website to sell their products. I feel that most of people are non technical, they are not aware about the technology and other element which require to build a complete ecommerce website. In this article, I am going to introduce about the few elements which are most important. We need following resources.

1.) Deep study: Before going to think about the ecommerce website you should do some research like – Who are the competitor, how many demand about your product, who will be your customer or visitor, how may user searching about your product. You can use Google keywords planner for better and accurate result.

2.) Selecting technology: It will be the major part. You can select right technology which fit more with your budget and requirement. I recommend to discuss with any ecommerce expert who creating website. He/she will be guiding you in better manner. You can also review my last article: Best ecommerce solution for small Indian business who wants to sell product online?

3.) Domain + Hosting: To run a website you need domain and hosting space. There are numbers of hosting

provider in market. You need a good eye before going to select hosting. Read their customer review before going to subscribe their hosting services. There are few standard hosting providers in market. You can consider them like Godaddy, Hostgator, and BlueHost etc. If you have budget then I recommend to use CDN based hosting like amazon. It will boost your website loading speed.

4.) Choosing Keywords: It will be another major part of the website that who play the great role in Google search. You have to select right keywords who give you right traffic of user who will purchase your product. I would like to recommend that you should contact to any SEO Company or Developer who will give you a right research about the user demand and competition for particular keywords.

5.) Security and Trust: You must give a visitor that they can purchase product without any hesitation. Their payment detail will be totally secure. SSL give a higher level of encryption. You can purchase any standard provider like Godaddy, VeriSign, Comodo, Digicert, Thawte etc.

6.) Payment method: It's completely depends on you that how you want to accept payment method via, Cash on Delivery (COD) or Internet Banking or PayPal or credit cards etc. If you are going to sell product in India then there are few payment gateway you can use: Payzippy, CCAvenue, Citrus, PayU India, EBS, Direcpay, Zaakpay. You must there past review (feedback) before going to use them. There charges are also different – different.

7.) Shipping method: Again it will depend on you. Where you want to deliver your product. If you are looking to deliver product on local city then you have to choose local shipping provider. If you are thinking to sale product worldwide then choose standard shipping like UPS, USPS, FedEx etc.

If you aware about the above mentioned point then you can start your ecommerce business. It will be a basic start to list your product on internet. Numbers of order will be completely depending on your products quality, your support, and website design and website promotion. Feel free to contact me at my mobile number +91 9461017829 or email me at . I love to assist you.

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